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Hey Y’all,

We been busy busy busy all season up here at Artifact- everything from dining room tables to HD TV DVD 1080p handcrafted flatscreen brackets to wobbly art fixtures to hanging planters to Mongo Bowls to craft shows to Japan and back, we did it then and new then we do this now and we will have it done. THIS WILL BE DONE!!!!



participants may include but are not limited to:

randy, casey, EE Ironworks, Bean and Bailey, Ink & Thread, 423 Balm and Soaps, magnets, thunders, ECollins WonderWood, Sweetcycle, etc. more later!

Two Sunsets Photo Show Tonight!!!

Chattanooga artists Katherine Rogers, Lacy Morrison, and Amy Johnson are hanging some photographs on the wall at Artifact and would love for people to come look at them! There will be various drinks and snacks to be had as well, so stop by for a bit on Saturday night!twosunsets

Darwent and Padgett do Artifact

In the midst of doom and gloom in our universe, good and big can did sometimes overcame it, and that is wher this event came to be and darn it there will has esplosion of greatness on top of this evil. Thanks you luke, than you Shawn Derwent.

What a beautiful sculptures, shane mcluke!!!

What a beautiful sculptures, shane mcluke!!!


And i quotes,

For Immediate Release:

Artifact is proud to present a new exhibition of its alumni members Luke Padgett and Shane Darwent.
Having helped start the studio and showspace in the fall of 2011, Darwent and Padgett left Artifact after 1 year to pursue other ventures. They have both since returned to Chattanooga and will present an exhibition of this past year’s gleanings. Darwent will show a portion of his traveling solo exhibition, Coming Soon, which explores America’s post-recession landscape through photography, painting, sculpture, and found object installation. Since leaving Artifact, Padgett has been an active freelance filmmaker and will be screening a new short film about current Artifact artist, Eric Smith. He will also be presenting his latest non-fiction project Towering Waves, which explores the dizzying complexity of communication from the point of view of the cellular tower workers that make it all possible. Merriment to follow with live, acoustic music by both traveling and local musicians.
Artifact Presents:
“Alumni” new works by former members, Luke Padgett and Shane Darwent
Opening Reception from 5 – 8 p.m.
Short Film Screening at 8 p.m.
Live music to follow
1080b Duncan Ave.


Don’t know what you get your mama for Mother’s Day this year?  Well come on down to Artifact, cus we have deals that you can’t beat!

What the what we gonna do w all dis?!?!

What the what we gonna do w all dis?!?!

Anderson and Jessie are trying to make a little breathing room in the studio, and perhaps make a little money back from the blood, sweat, and tears they lost via the creative/experimental process. Much of the work is not defective in any way, it might be a glaze they tried out, or a different clay or shape they no longer wish to explore. We’ll call them “trials and tribulations.”  They will be selling seconds of their new collaborative effort, Bean and Bailey Ceramics, along with other odds and ends.

Lil bowls?!?! You gotta be kidding me!!!

Lil bowls?!?! You gotta be kidding me!!!

Wait!?! Did you want to get mom something real, real nice?  Well don’t fret!  Regular priced prized pieces will also be available.

And we have a show up in the gallery of all Artifact’s 5 members’ work(s). Did that make sense, mom?!?!?

These lil treasures from Anderson Bailey!!!

These lil treasures from Anderson Bailey!!!

2pm- 8pm come on down, share a tender moment! Getta killer deal!! YOUR MOTHER IS GOING TO LOVE YOU!!!!

S H O P . C L A S S

Artifact is happy to announce that we will be a part of the Spark festival this year.


Shop Class will be a day of demonstrations by each member of Artifact studio. We will open our doors to the public for an afternoon of live blacksmithing, woodworking, slip casting, and wheel-thrown pottery demos. Come see artists in their natural habitats! Witness the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the process of making something by hand! Discover how objects are made outside of the factory! As you behold the manipulation of these materials in front of your very eyes, gain appreciation for the skills required, and insight into the studio practices of working craft artists. Our goals are to both educate and entertain the public, showing people processes involved with objects they most likely see and use every day- pots, furniture, tools, art, and much more. Actions observed may or may not include but are not limited to: Smashing, throwing, turning, carving, welding, pouring, sweating, crying, smelling, cutting, grinding, burning, heating, trimming, mixing, drying, and smoothing. Eat some snacks, ask some questions, and leave with a better understanding of how things are made.


Madison Harris Screening!!!

madisonThese words come from the mouth/hands/interwebs of Jon-Michael:

You are cordially invited to attend a screening of Madison Harris at Artifact headquarters. Madison Harris is a stupid ‘lil’ film about many things and about nothing. (like 11 min. long sorta little) It’s taken a little while to finish this piggie so we’d really love you to come. The screening will start at 8pm beginning with a 20 minute pre-reel full of all kinds of good stuff and personally constructed by the capable hands of MES founder, Chris Dortch. There will be cookies, potteries, iron-ore, mr. parker, amazing clothes, designs and so much more… You will win money tonight!

And don’t leave after the lights get bright. Give yourself a chance to soak up all that is Artifact. Team Artifact will have all their amazingness on hand for the takin’ and admiring’. Zac-Zac-Zacharais will be spinning records for your pleasure. I don’t know how it will get any better than this, but maybe, you never know.

Here is the trailer:

We are very excited to be showing Jon-Michael’s film this Friday!

Extreme Sound Environments….

Onley Tonight, Rum Runners, Joey Molinaro!!

W E   B E   G E T T I N G   W E I R D

Hand-Printed flyer by Hannah, she be creating multi-media space in the gallery...

Hand-Printed flyer by Hannah, she be creating multi-media space in the gallery…

Monday will be a first for Artifact, as we will be hosing a night of experimental music. Come to the gallery at Artifact where we will be joined by Onley Tonight, Rum runners, and Joey Molinaro.



Eatin smashin cuttin fittin carvin throwin castin

Thought I’d give another blast of insight into what world we be living in… Everybody has been working like madmen and women in the studio lately. Andrew has several commissions, including a bed loft/ desk/ vanity combo that will be the tightest bed/desk/vanity they ever did has. He is also working on llama feeding troughs, which none of the rest of us approve of because we don’t eat llama, but as usual Andrew is persevering with the vigor of  a rabid horse, who became rabid from eating rabid llama meat.

Schematic of bed world

Schematic of bed world

He laying out de "rung flaps" (he dint call them that)

He laying out de “rung flaps” (he dint call them that)

Llamas will feast hard...

Llamas will feast hard…

Conrad is working on shelving for the new Enzo’s Market opening up on Main street. When i seen him he was blasting a sammy down his face, contemplating the universe and developing a compelling rationale per why his nose ring fell out.

his welds was welded strong then square...

his welds was welded strong then square…

"bring the bread to me" he told them

“bring the bread to me” he told them

Eric went to Mardi Gras then came back putta mean smash using his master sledge.


They holler to each other, "I will smash while u bump n grind". "okay I will play the push-up game with michael"

They holler to each other, “I will smash while u bump n grind”. “okay I will play the push-up game with michael”

He said "i call this move 'hook smash'"

He said “i call this move ‘hook smash’”

"Hey Derrick, hold this tantricle while I push forthways on its mantis"

“Hey Derrick, hold this tantricle while I push forthways on its mantis”

Jessie, as always, is busy just making beautiful things. She is working on more jewelry, wall vases, and slip-cast half-gem table vases

Space debris

Space debris

Tantric Jewels

Tantric Jewels

soon these tight vessels will be available both on black market and clean retail

soon these tight vessels will be available both on black market and clean retail

Anderson has been working away at stock for this spring. He is developing all new glazes and is using a new clay. This will allow him to do everything in house! No more traveling 2.5 hours to fire de kiln!!

one-finger littlemugs.

one-finger littlemugs.

did doggy smell like a tiny horse

did doggy smell like a tiny horse

Pink porcelain! Itsa solid pink water gem

Pink porcelain! Itsa solid pink water gem

And one last tidbit, Anderson has his first solo show in Atlanta opening up next weekend, March 2nd, at Mudfire gallery. The show will be available in it entirety online also!! Please come down and check it out, or find something for yourself online at Mudfire.com!!!





We Been Workin!

Hey Everybody,

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve said hello, but we’ve all been busy working away. Both Conrad and Andrew have stayed busy with commissions for various residences and businesses in town. Andrew is currently completing built-ins for a local live/work space in St. Elmo, and Conrad is making more fixtures and architectural elements for the Volunteer Building downtown.

Eric has had his hammer pumping, and it’s really not as bombastic as we were worried it would be. He had just finished applying for the Southern Highlands Craft Guild, a prestigious North Carolina Guild that requires you to bring your work in person to Asheville (jeez) for the jurying process.

Jessie has been keeping up with her Etsy Shop by making more jewelry, and continues to develop her hand-built wall and cloud vases. She and Anderson have also been slip-casting out the wazoo, in preparation for testing glazes and developing a palette for their surfaces.

Anderson has kicked into production mode, stocking up on mugs and bud vases for the spring craft fair season to come. He is adopting a new firing process, which means developing new glazes as well. Lotta work to do!!!

Here are some images of the studio in action. Let us know if you ever want to stop by and shred some cheese or eat pretzels.

Stay tuned for news about an upcoming event in March!!!

Santa’s Rumblin his Chunders!!

holidayAw man, are we ready for some hearth-roasted chesters and a few tossers of egg-nog. We are sprucing up the gallery in preparation of/for folks coming by today to drop off work, then we set it up, the we cook it, we shake it, and finally, we ready to cheer you. Above is our enchanting snapshot of a gift in time, and below are some samples of work gonna be available this weekend!!1 COME SEE OUR TREASURES!!!

(hoodie dresses by SweetCycle, Jammy-jams by FoxPeace Farms, CandleStyx by Eric Smith)

Applications- Craft Shows (1) 041 IMG_1551


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